I  think of myself as a  diverse person, one with many interests. While I enjoy a  wide range of activities, I don’t mind taking an occasional nap either.  Some of my interests  other than fly fishing and fly tying include camping , canoeing, cooking, gardening,  hiking,  kayaking, sausage making,  smoking meats and other foods.  Much of the time these other interests play second fiddle to my dogs.

Here on this UNCATEGORIZED    page I’ll  try and post about those interests along with other whims and thoughts. Here’s a link to perhaps my favorite interest:

Maddie “The Wonder Dog”


FISH FRYING--I took a short course on frying  panfish(Southern Style) however the tips and techniques will work anywhere. The instructor was great,   here’s a link for that  Fish Frying course.


Easter Kielbasa is done  being smoked.  Here’s what it looked like prior to smoking  and then  the finished product— Maddie likes Kiellbasa..


Smoked September Bluefish

Ready 2 Smoke

Smoked September Bluefish


I did say dogs earlier, didn’t I?  Well here they are together–Maddie and Lola.


Stuff For Sale——Pics available for interested individuals

If you’re interested in any of the items for sale Feel free to drop me a line.

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 kayak/Canoe hybrid. A comfortable watercraft that’s  a cross between a kayak and canoe and weighs in at 55 lb.   Comfortable, removable sliding seat that’s rated as one of  most  comfortable seats around. Very stable craft that’s easy to get in and out of.  Anchor trolley syatem included..  Sand color- V/G Cond –$650. Read the reviews at   http://www.paddling.net/Reviews/showReviews.html?prod=1975

Fin-Or No.3 Anti reverse fly reel. L/H retreive, Mint Condition w/ Original box, pouch  and paperwork. ->$375

Fin-Or No. 3  Direct drive fly reel, LH or RH retrieve, Excellent condition w/ Original box, pouch  and paperwork. ->$350

Pflueger Medalist Fly Reel Rim Control Spools–make an offer

1595 1/2 –2 new 1 used.—1594— 1 new—1598–1 new—-ALL SOLD

Martin Model 72 Multiplier Fly reel w/ extra spool , original box and manual–> $65–SOLD


***All rods are of Graphite construction and moderate to medium fast action except where noted.

Cabelas Fish Eagle II 9′ 11/12 wgt 2pc IM6 med/fast action with Tarpon Ball fighting butt. Like new–$100

Cabelas Three forks 7’6″ 3 pc 3 wgt med/fast action–VG cond –$35

Cortland 6’6″ 5 wgt 2pc med/fast action good condition–$40

Pflueger Summit 8’6″ 6/7 wgt 2pc  Good  condition ->$40

Thomas and Thomas 9′ 6 wgt 2pc Med fast action V/G cond–> $125

*** These two Bass Pro White River  CV2 flyrods  listed below are some of the nicest and lightest rods around. If you’re not worried about the stigma some attach with Bass Pro and are more concerned with performance and bang for  the buck than image, then  these rods should not be overlooked. I’m looking for a an older WR CV2  8’6′ 3 pc 4 wgt should you have one. –Ray Bondorew

White River CV2 8’6″ 6 wgt 5pC. Fast action- V/G-condition ->$60

White River CV2 8’6″ 6 wgt 3pc wgt CV2. Fast action- V/G  condition ->$60–SOLD


*****I built the following rods using IM6 blanks

St Croix Imperial 2 pc 9′ 6/7 wgt 2 pc  med/fast(moderate) action.  full wells grip with a small fighting butt. Two stripper guides and the others are single foot. Probably used no more than a dozen timesVG cond.–$70

St Croix 2 pc  9′ 3 wgt  Green blank single foot guides and cork insert reel seat.VG Cond–$65