Today-Thursday..July 12, 2012–> Its a nice,  warm and dry day. I received a report from “A l the Guide” yesterday saying he’s been picking off a few each day along the Narragansett rocks and managed five on Tuesday despite little evidence of any bait.   Only one keeper with the rest running around 22-24″.  I quote from the Guide’s report stating :” Clear water very little bait  but liked the guide fly bait!” These fish were all taken during mid-morning. Tuesday eve I went warmwater bass bugging and managed a bunch of 11-12 inch  smallies and  big bluegills.  The wind had slackened and I could see a few schools of fish on the surface feeding on fry. As they fed their backs and dorsal fins showed and I  thought they were Callico bass(Crappie). Never thought I’d see aschool of bluegills  feeding  never mind a school feeding in 15′ of water.  A cast toward or over them  would spook them momentarily water.  I found them to be bluegills who were accompanied on the outside of the school  by smallmouths. The bluegills eagerly took a chartruese and white Cloussr below while a yellow foam spider took smallies on top.   It was a fun time. Enough so that I think i’ll try it again this evening as the wind seems to be dying early. 

Tuesday..July 10,2012–> Haven’t posted in several days as I’ve been busy with things other than fishing i.e. Gardening(see pics) ,moving people , grandkids etc.. Like yesterday, today has been beautiful,  warm ( lToday-ow  80s) and dry–really nice weather. Nice weather for many things but not shore fishing beaches or the rocks. The wind and surf have been light making shore front fishing  difficult.  Things are so quiet I haven’t even received a good report from “Al the Guide” as of late. Sunset to sunrise are about the only times to go with such calm  conditions. A small offshore storm or other weather disturbance to stir things up a bit is really what we need. The wind has been dying in the evening and most inshore lakes and ponds are like a mirror at sunset. Perfect for some topwater black bass and panfish action and that’s exactly what i’m planning for this evening for a few hours.








Wednesday..July 4, 2012-> Independence Day–Today’s the day we celebrate our independence from Great Britain back in 1776 and the beginning of our nation.   It’s a day to be thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy daily and  often take for  granted.  It’s  also a day to remember and give thanks for all those who have ensured that we’ve remained  a free nation since our inception. I been out warmwater fishing for the past two late afternoons as noted in the posting for yesterday. I forgot to mention my super-slam on Monday: Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Chain Pickerel,  Bluegill and Yellow Perch. Think I’ll rest it today and perhaps try a little striper fishing tomorrow,.  

Tuesday.. July 3, 2012–I did  as I mentioned on Monday, and  went  out late Monday afternoon to try some bass bugging. Tried some sub-surface fishing  for about  an hour while the sun was still high using  a No. 6 BH Black Crystal Bugger. Went to a yellow foam spider later on. Fishing was good managed a bunch of  10-14″ smallies, several foot-long largemouths and a bunch of big bluegills. The bluegills were from 9-10″ and were great sport on my 9” 4wgt rod. They had no problem downing both the Bugger and  foam spider. The evening ended with a rainbow appearing  and a Leprechaun holding a  sign saying come back again tomorrow. Always listen to a Leprechaun  when he talks,  so  I returned again on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s  what I found at the end of the rainbow.








 One Handsome Little Guy 


Monday..July 2, 2012- Partly cloudy and 67 deg at the bird bath this morn.  Temps are forecast for the mid-80s and my trusty weather station shows the barometer’s steady and a sunny day is ahead. Might try some bass bugging for Largemouths this evening.

**** Monthly Fishing report page has been updated with a Fishing in July post and also the Saltwater Page with a new  “Fly of the Month”  for July 2012  featuring:

Al Tobojka’s “Guide Fly”

Yesterday-Sunday..July 01, 2012–>> Well July is finally here and so is the hot weather. It was 68 deg this morning at the bird bath and forecasted to get into the low 90S and be a bit sticky. Not a good day to be out in an open boat or rock hopping the ocean front. The forecast thru the 4th of July is for sunny and hot weather. With these conditions I like early morning and evening as the best (most comfortable) times to fish.