The Stayner Ducktail

I enjoy tying and fishing older fly patterns and learning of their history.. Last July I posted a link to for some old and often forgotten patterns along with a philosophy I totally agree with. All that glitters is not gold, but more often the old and tarnished patterns are. Patterns forgotten by all but the fish. While at the website I learned of the Stayner Ducktail, a easily tied old pattern that wasn’t often seen in Maine and could take good sized trout. Liking the way this pattern looked I made it a point to tie several up for my next trip up north.


Stayner Ducktail– Tied by Hugh Kelly

In August of last year I went on a ten day camping and fishing trip to Maine. This would be a solo trip of sorts, just me and Maddie’s memory. My plan was to camp on the banks of the Lower Magallaway River and fish for smallmouths and trout//salmon around the Umbagog and Rangely Lakes area. On most trips I often spend a day exploring to find and checkout new fishing spots. When heading out for a days fishing I want to go directly to a spot rather than drive around trying to find it. On one such day I found out how to get to the Camp 10 Bridge pool on the Upper Magallaway and also the acess and canoe launch for Little Kennebago Lake..

Little Kennabago Lake

Little Kennabago Lake

Despite having never fished either area before I was determined to break my old habits and give the Stayner Ducktail a fair chance. Leaving it on for a while rather than fishing it briefly then quickly tying on one my usually reliable patterns . By not giving up on the pattern I did take a half dozen or so brookies at each spot. No monsters but decent fish. I gave it another chance at the Little Falls area at the inlet to Cupsuptic Lake. Here it didn’t work but nothing else did either. Actually they didn’t work on trout but managed several large 18″+ Chubs. While frowned upon by many I ‘d say that Chubs fight as hard as any trout and large ones taken on a four weight will give you all you can handle.

Because of its success at two fishing spots I fished for the first time, several Stayner Ducktails will be in my arsenal from now on. So checkout the Stayner Ducktail at for the recipe and tying instructions. Tie several up and remember to leave it on for a while. Give it a chance and it will take fish..

Here’s a Tying Video for the Stayner Ducktail