” A single trout caught in solitude is of greater reward than a full creel  taken in the midst of other anglers”Ray Bondorew


Today–Monday…April 30, 2018  –><(((°> It’ s cloudy and chilly with an occasional rain drop. Al”The Guide” called and told of some stripers in the nearby tidal waters.  It was 46 deg when I left the house to try for a few schoolies.This would be a change from trout fishing.

        A Change of Pace

Early bass are usually on the small side  and the ones Al and I caught fit that mold. Although small they were fun on a six weight outfit They were enough fum to get me thinking about celebrating May Day by trying for them tomorrow.


Wednesday…April 25, 2018  –><(((°> The Rhode Island t& Connecticut trout fishing seasons opened on Saturday April 13th. After a week of fishing for stocked trout in  often crowded areas I once again returned to what I like best: fishing for native brookies:  The stocked trout I’d been catching averaged 12-13″ with several in the 16-17″ range.  A few trout of this size are fun to catch on light fly tackle but quickly becomes boring to me. Size and quantity may matter to some however to me they just don’t have it. This past Monday was sunny with average temps for this time of year, a good day to try for natives in a nearby brook. In a couple of hours I managed to take three on an Olive Golden Retriever and one on a Hornberg dry. They certainly weren’t big but they’ll have time, hopefully years to grow. Just knowing they were there was reward enough for me.  The quiet solitude often found  with this type  of fishing is the icing on the cake .–<°)))><


 #12 Hornberg

><(((°>– Yesterday I went to another brook , one that’s bigger than the one I fished Monday.  This one is a pleasure to fish and has bigger natives.  It was  another sunny and seasonable day, slightly warmer than Monday. My plan was to fish upstream  a ways using  my Olive Golden Retriever and fish a #12 Hornberg Dry on the return downstream.In several hours I managed seven  natives fishing  upstream  and five going  back down. I missed or dropped many more in the process. Taking natives on the surface with the Hornberg highlighted the day. These brookies were also the largest of the day,several nearing 9 1/2 -10″ . –<°)))><

       Nice Native Brook Trout


><(((°>–The Hornberg I tied/fished  was modified slightly. The Original Hornberg was tied with yellow calf tail hairs for the underwing and grizzly hackle for the collar/hackle and jungle eyes for the cheeks. In recent years the most commonly seen version is one tied  with yellow hackle tips or fibers for an underwing  and the hackle  consisting of brown & grizzly hackle mix.  I’ve  tied  some with yellow poly yarn fibers for the underwing  to improve the flies floating quality and   also used yellow bunny fur fibers,  yellow bucktail  or any other yellow material that’s  lying on my fly desk. .  Soon I’m going to try a thin strip of 2 mm yellow foam for the underwing to improve floatability.  The streams I fish for Native Brook Trout seldom have little back casting space making roll casting mandatory.  A high floating,  water-resistant pattern is a must. I’ve also omitted the jungle cock eyes on most Hornbergs I tie–<°)))><