” A single trout caught in solitude is of greater reward than a full creel  taken in the midst of other anglers”Ray Bondorew

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Today–Tuesday…May 22, 2018  –-><(((°> May is quickly moving along and soon it will be Memorial Day.   Early May was spent fishing for Natiive brookies  and school Stripers  I spent last week in Maine opening my small camp for the season.and  managed  a few hours of fishing during the trip. i did well on the Piscataguis R. in Sangerville ME catching many brookies and foot long landlocks.  They seemed to really  want my Olive Golden Retriever fly that I’ve been fishing lately. This fly has proven itself here at home  as well as Maine and  I recommend you tie/try one.  While I was in Maine  Al “The Guide”   was chasing Stripers in nearby tidal waters and doing well. While the majority of his catch were schoolies  he  managed several respectable stripers. Here’s one of them.–<°(((><.

       Al ‘The Guides’ tidal Striper.

Tuesday…May 1, 2018  –><(((°> The first day of May was a smash hit/strike with me as I returned to try schoolie Striper fishing again.  I managed to land eleven schoolies with my new MAXCATCH 7.5′  3 wgt. They ranged from 14-16″, a little bigger than yesterday.

         May Day Schoolie

My little  fly rod was up to the test showing plenty of backbone and casting like a rocket. I’ll give the stripers a rest  tomorrow and go fish a small stream for Native Brookies with a good friend. Hopefully the natives will oblige us just as the stripers did me today.–<°(((><

“They claim this mother of ours, the Earth, for their own use, and fence their neighbors away from  her, and deface her with their buildings and their refuse.”-Chief Sitting Bull – Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux