Sky blue Guide’s fly

America’s Most Wanted

Today–Tuesday…September 25, 2018 –-><(((°> Al “the Guide” has been chasing Albies for 3 weeks now at various locations along the R.I. shore. Sometimes he gets’em other times he doesn’t, but that’s  Albie fishing. You don’t get many shots at them when these speedsters show,  Today despite the rain and wind Al did get’em and sent me the following pics.. He said” Albies. Love water. What’s a little wind.1000 casts later.”  No doubt he’ll be at them tomorrow and he may just have company.







Today–Monday…September 24, 2018 –-><(((°> I recently returned from 4 days of fishing around Maine’s Moosehead Lake area. The weather was cloudy with showers and drizzle for much of the time that I was there. I fished  the Roach River and the East Outlet of the Kennebec River. At the Roach River I only manage two small landlocked salmon and two small brook trout, a far cry from the previous year.  It seems the fish have yet to enter the river in any numbers according to my findings and also from what I learned from talking to others about the fishing at the Roach. At the East Outlet I managed several foot-long brookies one day and another pair of brookies the following day. Despite being told that the fish would only chase streamer flies I managed the first two brookies on a # 8 Hornberg dry. Seems these fish didn’t get the word. The other pair of brookies did chase streamers and they took a Stayner Ducktail, a pattern I’ve had good luck with on the East Outlet.  Upon returning home I had already planned  to go striper fishing this morning as I’ve been told there were a lot of fish all along the Rhode Island Coast, it was just a matter of finding them.

While I  didn’t catch a lot I did manage a few. They certainly were a different type of sport compared to the trout and salmon I  brought along a cheap Chinese video camera that I recently bought. This would be its test run and I wanted to see what the videos would look like and I managed to have it on  one spot that I was fishing and did catch several stripers in the area, one of which is on this video. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be very windy with heavy rain I guess I’ll have to wait a few days before I get back out again. I’m looking forward to it—Ray