Lola–Absolute Beauty

The above photo was taken on Tuesday November 26, 2019 while my wife and I walked Lola off leash in some nearby woods From the happy look on her face  you’d never know  that four days earlier Lola was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Because of Lola’s age my wife and I elected to forgo chemotherapy. We chose she be on a daily regimen of prednisone. and were told that with this medication she would probably live an additional 2 to 4 months, without it less than a month. We knew the clock was ticking and we had best make the most of her final several months with us. However  we didn’t expect that in three weeks she would be gone. On the first Saturday in December she came with us to a nearby farm to help pick out a Christmas tree. This past Saturday and Sunday she began to drink little and eat even less. On Monday she showed no interest in food or water. This carried into Tuesday morning. and we sensed the end was near. We were at her side continuously  during her final hours as she lay in a helpless state on her bed.  With tear filled eyes we watched  when her body finally gave out. She died peacefully at home as we had hoped for and was all we could ask. Lola was a beautiful and sweet girl who added much to make our lives better. She will be sorely missed and surely never replaced for she was truly one of a kind.

Her Highness–Lola

Lola was a pedigree mutt. Border Collie, Great Pyrenees, and Siberian Huskie mix.  Dark markings of a Border Collie , Glacier eye  and Grey/Brown fur patches of a Husky,  and soft, double coated white fur of a Great Pyrenees.