Here’s a Ray’s Fly exclusive,  a  COVID-19 Face Mask for Fly Fishers!!.

FFers Mask–Front

Face Mask–Rear









The mask has  pleated front to allow for expansion, The rear has an envelope flap to allow for insertion/removal of a filter made from Honeywell FPR 9 air filter material capable of filtering mold spores, bacteria, microscopic allergens, Virus Carriers and smoke, (also Black Gnats and No Seeums) . Beside the air filter there’s  room for a leader  and tippet material in the pocket. The deluxe model will a have a small wool patch on the front to tote a few must have patterns. More accessories are forth coming.

Order now :>) This mask will be priced similar to how high end fly rods are priced and then some .

If your willing to pay $900 for a rod that might help you catch a trout , how much is a mask that could save your life worth??   Plus it’s stylish!! I’m betting there’s a better chance of this mask helping me more than a  $900 rod would!! :>)

Keep safe –Keep well Ray Bondorew

Deluxe Model–Flies not included