A repeat of yesterday just a little further down the shoreline. Lasted all morning and we left them there
still feeding in early afternoon. Seemed to be more fish than yesterday.
At  any given time there were at least five separate schools of stripers. This is only one of them.
While I’ve seen many schools of feeding stripers over the years, I’ve never seen them so tightly packed.
Truely a once in a lifetime experience. Scenes like this are all along the Narragansett shoreline early this week.

The flies pictured  below were hastily tied the prior evening. I knew small was best however  I discovered  that these  flies were twice the size of the  baitfish in the area. The tiny bunker  I saw that were driven washed ashore  during the frenzy were about as long as the diameter of  a dime. or about the length of the body on my flies. Despite the difference they worked well.