Welcome to the “RaysFly” homepage, a site dedicated to fly fishing and fly tying for salt and freshwater species. Whether you dab for trout, panfish and black bass or shoot a long line to stripers and bluefish there’s something here for you. The intent within this site is to share with you some insight and information into the sport that I love so much. So pull up a chair and I’ll try and pass on my thoughts and information just as if I were talking to you when you came by to visit me and talk about fly fishing and tying. There is so much out there to discover and learn about. You have only but to take your time and observe. When fishing it is a good practice to always make a few casts at each place you stop at to see what’s there; the same goes for this site.  So click on each navigation bar to see what’s there,   you just may hook into something good.

My friend, Armand Courchaine of Mansfield Mass recently told me, “I have friends who think trout are the only fish in the world. They would never consider fly rodding for stripers and surely not Black bass or panfish. Same for striper fly rodders who wouldn’t think trying for trout and warm water fishing. I can’t understand it because I love it all shad, salmon, bluegill, smallmouths, largemouths, stripers, and bluefish, I love it all.”  Well so do I , as I am a fisherman first regardless of species and hope my “RaysFly” website conveys that love and opens a few minds and hearts.

I will remain what I am until I die, a hunter, and when there are no buffalo or other game I will send my children to hunt and live on prairie mice, for where an Indian is shut up in one place his body becomes weary.”-  Chief Sitting Bull,   Lakota Sioux