“Sweetwater” was the term my grandfathers used to refer to freshwater fish and fishing. Today freshwater fishing has two classification; coldwater (trout and salmon) and warmwater (bass, pickerel, panfish, and coarse fish.) While I do go trout fishing, I also enjoy warmwater fly fishing. Whether it’s tossing a small rubber legged foam spider for bluegill or chucking a large lead eyed Bunny Fly for bass, Sweetwater fly rodding is always fun. Let us not forget pike and pickerel. Held in low esteem by some and considered a nuisance by others these toothy aggressive critters can provide many enjoyable hours if given the chance. I look forward to spending several days each year to tossing flies and poppers at them. My lifetime of fly fishing began when a legally blind bluegill engulfed my first attempt at tying a dry fly. This led to fly rodding for Black Bass, Pickerel and then to saltwater and striped bass. Oddly enough after many years of fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish, I have retuned back to my roots –warmwater fly fishing. While I still fish for stripers much of my fishing time is spent fly rodding for warmwater species.

Many anglers have access to a lake, pond, river or stream not too far from home. These areas afford one with the chance to get out and fly fish for several species. Warmwater types are always willing and put up a good battle. Most sweetwater species are not as big as their saltwater cousins. While size may matter to some, the spunk and heart of a bluegill or spirit and strength of a smallmouth bass have few saltwater equals.  The use of lighter weight fly rod will really enhance this fun sport. Sweetwater fishing is a good way pass the time while waiting for trout and saltwater seasons to begin in earnest. Consider trying warm water fly-fishing if you have never done so, you may be pleasantly surprised. I know for sure that you should have a fun time!

Fly of the Month –July/August 2012

O.C. Tuttle’s Devil Bug

Fly of the Month–May June 2012

Gray Nymph


    Fly of the Month-April 2012

Black Marabou