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*** June Playmate of the Month is here!

Wednesday.. June 17, 2015—>.  I recently returned home after a week “upta camp” in Maine. I went to Maine after spending the first week in June fishing the Farmington river in CT. While I was up in Maine, Al “The Guide” was catching many decent stripers on his new fly the “Lucky Seven.”  He named it as the fly is 7 inches long and he caught seven keepers on during the week I was “upta camp.” Al sent me a pic of the fly and one of his bass. The green in the tie is a bright is a Kelly green.

Lucky sevenunnamed[2]


Monday.. June 1, 2015—>. I recently returned home after a week “upta camp” in Maine. Days were spent fishing exploring and working. Brookies and smallies were taken and the highlight of the trip was a nice, fat 20″ landlock on my 4/5.  I’m starting June off with a 4 day trip with my lifelong friends to the Farmington R. in CT.. We’ve rented a cabin for three nights and although the forecast looks mighty wet for the next few days a good time  for all is certain. The following week I might return to my Maine camp. Striper fishing is on hold for now  but that’s okay as it should heat up around Father’s Day and I’ll probably try it then..


****Make  every day Earth Day–Pick up one piece of trash daily ****

*** May Playmate of the Month is here!

Today-Thursday..May 14 2015—>. It was sunny and 40° F at the backyard bird bath this morning. I recently  returned from my Maine camp where it was  36°F and cloudy. I spent several days up there  fishing for an hour or two fishing  each morning and working on the camp for the remainder of the day . Some days little work was done. When I’m home I’ve been trout fishing eastern Connecticut rivers.  My two lifelong friends Al “The Guide”  and Joe Adamonis  report taking many stripers in the Narragansett RI tidal waters during my absence. Nothing  big just schoolies.  Even with stripers close at hand, I’d rather be fishing and working at my Maine camp. I began fly  fishing sixty years ago with brooks, streams.rivers and ponds as my mentors and classrooms. I believe I’m returning to my roots.


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*** April Playmate of the Month is here!

Today-Thursday..April 23, 2015—>. It was sunny and 40° F at the backyard bird bath this morning. I just returned from my Maine camp where it was  36°F and cloudy. The ponds lakes near my camp remain ice covered but they did darken quite over the past 5 days. ice out can’t be far behind .Forty miles north of my camp at Moosehead Lake in Greenville Maine , a hundred or more snow machines raced around the lake last weekend.  Moosehead has a long way to go untill ice out. Rivers and streams up there are running strong and roily, most are swollen and over their banks. Al ” The Guide’ is still chasing trout in RI and CT and I haven’t received any striper reports from him, but that should soon change.


Friday..April 3, 2015—>. It’s 45° F this morning  at the backyard birdbath this morning. despite showers in the forecast the warmer temps certainly are welcomed. Yesterday was a pleasant partly sunny day with temps in the upper 40s. I met up with my two lifelong friends Al “The Guide” and Joe Adamonis to checkout several Eastern Conn year round C&R fisheries.  We stopped for breakfast first where Al demanded to pay for all with hopes that this jesture  would get Joe and I  to put him on fish.

"The Guide" Scores

“The Guide” Scores

His bribe worked and we put him on many. Joe had the big one of the morning  plus many others.


Joe's  nice brown

Joe’s nice brown

It the trip was a very rewarding  and productive experience. There was a reason for it. As I stood on the river bank it occurred to me that between three lifelong friends we had nearly 170 years of fly fishing experiences. Not many can say that!

Joe's on again

Joe’s on again

Wednesday..April 1, 2015—>. It’s 32° F this morning  at the backyard birdbath this morning.  April is finally here after a long harsh winter. With daily temps  averaging about 10 degrees below normal I thought March would never end. Although the calendar says April it still feels like late February.  Everything is well behind schedule. Birds like Boat- tailed Grackles, Red Wing Blackbirds and Cowbirds that usually arrive in late February early March began to appear just recently.  My Snow Crocuses that usually bloom in early March have just bloomed and buds on most trees and bushes have finally begun  to swell.  The first reported catches of Stripers  taken at the West Wall  in Jerusalem, RI  and Second beach in Newport, RI  are usually out by now. However most anglers haven’t mentioned going out never mind catching fish. Most Rhode Island ponds remain ice covered . Some remain locked solid while others  are showing  some open water along the south facing shoreline. This has delayed my early season Yellow Perch fishing. Each year during the last week in March and first week in  April I traditionally dump my canoe into  a small local pond to fish for perch.  I enjoy eating perch and look forward to this annual event . This tradition is a primer for trout season that follows in another week.  It ensures that I know where my tackle is and also that I have thawed enough to remember how to fly cast and feel a slight tap of a strike. Eventually things will return to  their natural order or at least balance  out. They always do, as Mother Nature has  a way of taking care of her own as long as we don’t interfere.

****Make  every day Earth Day–Pick up one piece of trash daily ****

*** March Playmate of the Month is here!

Today-Tuesday..March 3, 2015—>. It was 9° F this morning  at where the backyard birdbath was last seen.  Snow, snow and more snow, and after getting another 6 in  a day ago more  snow is on the way for tonight and Wed . My yard is blanketing with  3-4 ft of snow depending where you stand.  Below normal temps have ensured it stays put, so the thaw looks to be  gradual process when it finally happens. Better to thaw slowly then be quickly reduced by warm temps and rain. We don’t need flooding.

The Stayner Ducktail

The Stayner Ducktail

I enjoy tying and fishing older fly patterns and learning of their history.. Last July I posted a link to for some old and often forgotten patterns along with a philosophy I totally agree with. All that glitters is not gold, but more often the old and tarnished patterns are. Patterns forgotten by all but the fish. While at the website I learned of the Stayner Ducktail, a easily tied old pattern that wasn’t often seen in Maine and could take good sized trout. Liking the way this pattern looked I made it a point to tie several up for my next trip up north.


Stayner Ducktail– Tied by Hugh Kelly

In August of last year I went on a ten day camping and fishing trip to Maine. This would be a solo trip of sorts, just me and Maddie’s memory. My plan was to camp on the banks of the Lower Magallaway River and fish for smallmouths and trout//salmon around the Umbagog and Rangely Lakes area. On most trips I often spend a day exploring to find and checkout new fishing spots. When heading out for a days fishing I want to go directly to a spot rather than drive around trying to find it. On one such day I found out how to get to the Camp 10 Bridge pool on the Upper Magallaway and also the acess and canoe launch for Little Kennebago Lake..

Little Kennabago Lake

Little Kennabago Lake

Despite having never fished either area before I was determined to break my old habits and give the Stayner Ducktail a fair chance. Leaving it on for a while rather than fishing it briefly then quickly tying on one my usually reliable patterns . By not giving up on the pattern I did take a half dozen or so brookies at each spot. No monsters but decent fish. I gave it another chance at the Little Falls area at the inlet to Cupsuptic Lake. Here it didn’t work but nothing else did either. Actually they didn’t work on trout but managed several large 18″+ Chubs. While frowned upon by many I ‘d say that Chubs fight as hard as any trout and large ones taken on a four weight will give you all you can handle.

Because of its success at two fishing spots I fished for the first time, several Stayner Ducktails will be in my arsenal from now on. So checkout the Stayner Ducktail at for the recipe and tying instructions. Tie several up and remember to leave it on for a while. Give it a chance and it will take fish..


****Make  every day Earth Day–Pick up one piece of trash daily ****

*** February Playmate of the Month is here!

Today-Monday..February 16, 2015(President’s- Day)—>Snow, snow and more snow. It was-7° F at where the backyard birdbath was last seen while up at the RaysFly Camp in central Maine it was a toasty-4° F. Imagine that, I might have to head north to warm up. Despite all the snow and record cold things will soon warm up. To help thaw out attend the Bear’s Den Fly Shop 17th Annual Fly Fishing Expo this Saturday(Feb 21st)at the shop in Taunton MA. To help keep the thaw going the New England Saltwater Fishing Show is the following weekend at the Providence, RI Civic Center. Attend one or both to take the chill out!

Friday..February 6, 2015–>Up at t the Raysfly Maine Camp it was -15°F this morning, while at home the backyard bird bath registered -4° F.  On Monday of this week, in Pennsylvania . Punxsutawney  Phil emerged from his  lair in Gobbler’s Knob and predicted six more weeks of winter. Down in Georgia , his counterpart Gen Beauregard Lee forecasted that winter is practically over and spring is on its way. As much as would like to believe with Ole Beauregard Lee the weather this past week has been cold and snowy and the 10 day forecast shows more of the same.  Therefore I’m  believing that Punxsutawney Phil is spot on.

Sunday..February 1, 2015–>It’s 12 F  sunny, windy degrees at the iced over backyard bird bath this morning. February marks the mid-way point of the winter season  It also marks the time when throngs of people  gather for a super spectacle that occurs but once a year. This event gets the attention of men, women and children of all ages. They will travel from near and far to cheer for their favorite to prevail. From those fortunate enough to attend in person to those who will watch on TV at home, it is not to be missed. That’s right after a year of waiting, Ground Hog Day will be here. From those who root for winter’s end to those who cheer for another six weeks of winter,  all will be good sports and take the outcome in stride. No rioting , looting or burning  a.k.a. Celebrating will take place after the outcome is decided. Those taking part or watching the event will simple go back and  simply carry on with everyday life.

 Will winter become more entrenched or is spring just around the corner?  Fortunately  for us tomorrow is Groundhog Day and we’ll get a reliable forecast on the remaining winter  weather from  two of  nature’s best  prognosticators; Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil and  Georgia’s General Beauregard Lee. Lore has it that if they see their shadow when they emerge from their borrow  they’ll scurry back in as there’s six more weeks of winter to come but if they don’t see their shadow they may remain out for a while as an early spring is forecast. These two woodchucks have been forecasting the weather for years with at least 50% accuracy. Gen. Beauregard Lee claims to have an amazing ninety-four percent accuracy record.  They’re at least as accurate as todays TV and radio meteorologists. I’ve always trusted Ole’ Beauregard  Lee’s forecast  over that of Punxsutawney Phil for one simple reason; No self-respecting northern Groundhog would be ever be caught out of his borrow in early February as they’re still  hibernating.

If I were given a choice to attend  in person either the NFL Super Bowl or  Groundhog day in Punxsutawney, PA,   I’d have to ask why did they even offer the Super Bowl?  Myself  I’d  rather see an over fed Woodchuck with an under inflated ego then a bunch of over-paid  men with huge  over inflated egos.

Happy and Healthy 2015 to all!–Ray 

**** January Playmate of the Month is here. 

Today–Monday..January 12,  2015–>>  It’s overcast and  clear 32 º F at the icy backyard bird bath early this morning.  Forecast is for clouds with a light wintry mix/rain for the day. Many small  ponds are  iced over and thick enough for ice fishing. Slightly colder than normal temps forecast for the remainder of the week should help thicken them.

Over the weekend  I was saddened  to learn that Joe Carr, owner of Carr’s Rod n’ Gun  shop in Hope, RI had passed away.


Joe Carr

Arthur “Joe” Carr


A lifelong outdoorsman, Joe was knowledgeable fly shop owner  who maintained a small, well stocked fly shop  carrying everything you’d ever need and then some.  The expression : ‘if he doesn’t carry it, you don’t need it” surely fit Carr’s Fly Shop. Joe and his fly shop will be sorely missed by many fly fishers.


Here’s look back to a year ago in January

Saturday..January 11, 2014–>>   It was  46 º F  at the icy backyard  bird bath this morning.  Yesterday morning  was 25º F  and I went down to a small local pond that I  sent “Al the Guide”  and his cousin Larry to  try ice fishing. A check of the pond the day before showed a solid 5-6 in. of ice.  Being under the weather I stayed only briefly but long enough to see “The Guide” get on the bass  The action was fast with flags going up on a regular basis.

"The Guide" is on the bass

“The Guide” is on the bass

A close look at the photo will show the flag up behind Al, action was indeed fast.


Snowy Cabin

Raysfly Snowy Camp

Thursday..Christmas Day 2014–>> Merry Christmas  to one and all!—Ray

Sunday..December 21, 2014–>> It’s cloudy and 31 degrees at the backyard  bird bath this morning.  A dusting of snow that fell overnight covers the ground,  Today, December 21st is going to be tough for me because “Maddie the Wonder Dog” would have turned 15 years old had we not put her to sleep in late June. I think of and talk to Maddie daily  and today I will do  so even more.



**** October Playmate of the month is here 

***  Looking for an October fishing forecast? Check out my Fishing in October 2013 post. Things really don’t change much from year to year . The events I tell about  will occur but may be a little sooner or later than stated. Of course  back- to- back Nor’easters or a swipe by a hurricane can change everything. 

Today- Sunday .. October 12, 2014–> It’s clear and 40°F at the backyard bird bath this morning . Pleasant weather is forecast ffor today to salvage the weekend.  While I was  “upta”  my Maine camp last week  “Al the Guide” reports hot fishing all along the R.I. ocean front from Narragansett Town Beach to Matunuck with frequent striper and albie blitzes  occurring randomly. Mid afternoon yesterday  he reported being in a blitz of bass/albies at Pt Judith.

***September Playmate of the Month is here**** When this one says no, don’t push the issue.

*** Real time fishing report/video–fishing’s good right now ***

***  Looking for a September 2014 fishing forecast? Check out my Fishing in September 2013 post. Things really don’t change much from year to year . The events I tell about  will occur and  may happen  a little sooner or later than stated, but rest assured they will take place.!

I recently found  two video clips that I took a few years ago.  I figured how to get them online for people to see. One is of a September Blitz  that should get your juices flowing.and the other is a fly tying video I made of Tying a Simple Bay Anchovy pattern(Raychovy?) that works. Might be useful as Bay Anchovies are a primary forage for Bass, Blues and Albies in September. Let me know what you think as I’m considering doing a  Ray’s Fly & Yellow Rebel Videos if people find  the Raychovy one useful. Tying the Ray’s Fly would be two parts mainly because of video time restrictions. First one on hook, color  and material selection, showing what’s available and what I look for. The second  would be on actually tying the Ray’s Fly with bits of useful info and observations included.

with bits of useful info and observations included.

Today- Wednesday .. September 24, 2014–> It’s  cloudy and 59 °F at the backyard bird bath this morning . Showers today with pleasant weather is forecast through the weekend.. WHAT IS IT ANSWER??SEE THE COMMENTS at the top of this page.

Monday.. September 22, 2014–> It’s clear and 56°F at the backyard bird bath this morning . Pleasant weather is forecast through the weekend althoughToday- there’s a high surf running today and tomorrow. I returned last night from a mid-week trip to Maine for a closing on a small camp.

Several days were spent cleaning, painting and a general sprucing up of my new camp. While there I came across an interesting device, the likes of which I’d never seen. However it didn’t take long to figure its purpose.Can you figure out or I.D. what it is?? —Click on Pic to Enlarge.

What is it??

What is it??

Raysfly Camp

Raysfly Camp

Wednesday.. September 17, 2014–> It’s clear and 49°F at the backyard bird bath this morning . I did manage to go down to the shore mid-afternoon yesterday. When I sarrived “Al the Guide” was wrapping it up for the day.

"Albie Al "

“Albie Al “

He had landed several Albies and dropped several more. Beside a photo of one of the Albies he also snapped a pic of what the Albies were eating.

Bay Anchovies-Albie Food

Bay Anchovies-Albie Food

Al will be at them again today. While Al’s chasing Albies,  I’ll be heading to Maine for the closing on a small cabin set in 4 acres of woods. With that in mind here’s a report of what I saw and learned today. Albies and Bluefish are at the East & West walls of Pt. Judith. They’re feeding on large schools of Bay Anchovies  ranging from 2 1/4″ to 3 3/4″ in size.. There’s Finger Mullet along the Narragansett Town Beach from the wall down to the second pavillion. There’s plenty of action along the coast and it should heat up even more in the next week. The bait should move on the next moon.

Tuesday.. September 15, 2014–> It’s cloudy and 46°F at the backyard bird bath this morning . Showers are forecast for today and fair weather for the remainder of the week. Yesterdays near flat surf is forecast to increase throughout today and heighten to 4-5 ft. for Wednesday then slowly subsiding. ..” “Al the Guide”reports constant and brief Albie sorties at the West wall in Jerusalem RI. less frequent sightings at the east wall at Pt Judith., Stripers have been showing along the Charlestown Breach way area. I’m thinking of trying for stripers around noon time today but not at Charlestown but rather the Narragansett Rocks……….. we’ll see!

Friday.. September 12, 2014–> It’s calm, clear and 56°F at the backyard bird bath this morning . Fair weather is forecast for today and much of the upcoming weekend..” Al the Guide” is giving the rivers in western Massachusetts and the Farmington R. in CT a break He tells of False Albacore raiding the East and West walls at Pt. Judith in Narragansett, RI, for much of this week. While Al’s been chasing Albies I’ve been preparing for my son’s wedding tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get out next week for a change. .

Saturday.. September 6, 2014–> It’s overcast, very humid,  and 76°F at the freshly filled backyard bird bath this morning . T-storms are forecast for later today as a cold front approaches. Fair weather is forecast for tomorrow and for the first half of next. week.  I just returned from central Maine after spending several  days looking at several camps for sale. While I was gone ” Al the Guide” continued to explore rivers in western Massachusetts and the Farmington R. in CT. He tells of good fishing while learning new areas.  September is my favorite time of year for fishing. It brings pleasant weather as both baitfish and Bass, Bluefish along with Albies assemble in preparation  for their upcoming migration. Historical data shows that water temps begin to decline around Sept 15th and will continue drop until mid-March. is it just coincidence that long-standing  month-long Martha’s Vineyard  Striped Bass and Bluefish tourney begins on Sept 15th? Prime time is only a week away (15 Sept to 15 Oct)  and is what I consider a month of the best saltwater fishing of the year here in R.I.


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