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24 May, 2016 07:10

Nice way to start the day at RaysFly Camp

*** Make every day earth day–pick up one piece of trash daily.

****May  Full Moon Name(s)–> Flower Moon for the flowering of a multitude of flowers, plants and trees. Also called he Corn Planting Moon for obvious reasons.


Today–Wednesday…May 18, 2016-> I spent the first week in May up working at the Raysfly Camp in Maine and soon I” No big landlocks and only several 10″ brook trout.that trip But soon I’ll be  heading back up North  for another week or so. maybe some nice salmon will test me. While at home I’ve been spending my time trout fishing here and there. Fishing has been good with plenty of trout and few fishermen especially if you venture beyond where the foot prints stop.  From reliable sources down on the salt there’s  many schoolies and some shad in  Narrow River in Narragansertt . RI as well as Great Salt Pond.  Clam worms are plentiful in Ninegret Pond  in Charlestown ,RI  but few stripers after them .  So go and catch’em up!  Later today I’ll pass on the saltwater stuff and try for some native trout for a few hours.

**** Make every day earth day–pick up one piece of trash daily.

****April Moon Names-Pink Moon for the blooming of wild phlox and Fish Moon for the runs of Shad into many coastal rivers

Peach Blossoms March 26, “Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” Chief Sitting Bull – Lakota Sioux

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” Chief Sitting Bull – Lakota Sioux

Today–Sunday…April 24, 2016-> On Friday(Earth Day) I did go fishing for native Brook Trout . It was a warm , pleasant day and I managed well over a dozen wild, native trout. They ranged 5-8″. No big 9-10″ ones this trip. I was pleased  to see the condition and number of the trout I caught. It seems the recent mild winter helped them survive and flourish. They were all taken on my RKS nymph which seemed only fitting for Earth Day. Yesterday after taking part in a local Earth Day cleanup   I tried a local stream for native trout. Once again I was surprised with the number and quality of the trout. Hopefully there’s no drought conditions here this summer to ensure their future survival.20160423_145939

Today- Thursday….April 21, 2016->I just returned home after spending a week opening up and working on my Maine RaysFly Camp. Upon my arrival home I received a reliable report from Al “The Guide” that schoolies were in along the Matunuck/Pt.Judith area. While he’s been spending his time trout fishing Al took break for some stripers. I also learned that the Wood River here in R.I. would be inundated with fresh hatchery trout today. That’s good news if all you care about is catching fish but bad news for the native trout population who will  have to compete with this over population of over-sized sized fish.  Tomorrow is Earth Day, a day set aside to demonstrate awareness and support for environmental protection. I plan to spend Earth Day as I have for the past several years, fishing for native Brook Trout in an un-stocked stream using only my Earth Day flies. The squirrel nymph is a good one!


Several inches of snow fell yesterday afternoon & made the csmp sort of pictureque.

Raysfly Splake

The Hare’s Ear (Nymph)

Hare’s Ear Nymph

The Hare’s Ear is arguably the best known of all trout flies. Practically every trout angler has  heard of it even if they’ve never tied or fished one. This revered pattern is typically tied as a dry, wet or nymph. The wet fly is the one most commonly tied with the nymph version next in line. The Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph is very popular. While I do fish it occasionally my favorite is a very simple Hare’s Ear nymph that I’ve been tying and fishing for many years.

I love tying and fishing furry, easily tied patterns and this one is no exception. It’s so simple I often try to think of ways to improve it and make it even more effective. However as the saying goes, ‘”if it works don’t fix it” surely holds true for this Hare’s Ear. I learned of this pattern around the same time I began tying my Gray Nymph and Ted Trueblood’s Otter Shrimp. The pattern came to me from Jim Quick’s book entitled “Fishing the Nymph.” The pattern’s simplicity is what caught my eye. Its fish catching ability won my confidence. This book contains a wealth of nymph fishing info and also led me to the Hare’s Ear Partridge and Ted Trueblood’s Beaver Nymph, two great nymphs in their own right. There are seventy-five or so patterns in this book and most have fur bodies. If you like tying with dubbing  fur you might enjoy tying the patterns in this book.

Jim Quick's Hare's Ear Nymph

Jim Quick’s
 Hare’s Ear Nymph

When tying this pattern it’s easy to think that if a little is good than more must be better. In this case as in many fly patterns less is more both in appearance and productivity. While this pattern produces in rivers and streams when tumbled near the bottom, I find it’s best in slow-moving water especially when fish are feeding near the surface. It also works well in ponds. A slow steady retrieve is all that’s required. Here’s the recipe for Jim Quick’s Hare’s Ear Nymph.

Originator Jim Quick

Hook: Fine wire Dry fly hooks (I use Size 10-14 wet and dry fly hooks often 1!xl)

Thread: tan/brown

Tail: Stubby Hare guard hairs.

Body: Hare’s ear or hare’s mask including guard hairs for a somewhat rough appearance

Legs: Gray grouse beard

Variations: Body- Ribbed w/ Gold tinsel or yellow floss:   Legs- sparse grizzly hackle collar

** I usually rib this fly with fine gold wire to make it more durable.



****Make  every day Earth Day–Pick up one piece of trash daily ****

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***February Moon(Lakota)   Cannapopa wi — Moon when the trees crack due to the cold

Today-Friday…February 26, 2016—>.It’s clear and 32°F at the backyard bird bath this morning. The forecast is for a sunny and seasonble weekend. This weekend The New England Saltwater Fishing Show takes place at the R.I.Convention Cente in Providence.I plan on being at the Rhoddy Fly Rodders table(. booth 1105.) If you attend stop by and say hi. While this show has much on spin and conventional fishing there’s also plenty of stuff for the saltwater fly rodder.

Saturday…February 20, 2016—>.It’s cloudy and 42° F at the backyard bird bath this morning. The forecast is for a warm weekend and a cooler upcoming week. It’s a good time to do house and yard works and get them done before spring fishing begins. When it’s time to fish household chores will be done. That said I’m going to the Bears Den Fly Fishing Show today to see if there’s anything new that I must have to catch fish this year.

I recently received the 2015 activity stats for this site. Once again my post on Ted Trueblood’s Otter Nymph/ Shrimp had the most views of all posts on this site ever since it was posted in April 2014. The Ray’s Fly post and photos views are a very distant second. In fact it’s not even close. There’s good reasons for it. Trout fishermen far out number than saltwater fly rodders and Trueblood’s Otter Nymph is well known everywhere for it’s fish catching ability.The pattern is definitley on most trout fishermen’s short list and is fished by both novice an veteran fly rodders.

Aound the time I began tying and fishing the Otter Nymph I learned of another pattern that’s been a consistant producer for me. It’s a very simple Hare’s Ear Nymph that ‘s seldom seen perhaps because it’s not fancy enough. While it’s  doubtful the post on this pattern will generate as many views as the Otter Shrimp/Nymph, it’s a surely a pattern worth fishing. So tie several up and see if you agree.


Monday…February 15, 2016—>.It’s a sunny and cloudy and balmy -1° F at the snow filled back yard bird bath this morning. Tthis is the second straight morning with below zero temps. Ever since Groumd hog day and Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast of an early spring we’ve had two storms drop over a foot of snow and now below zero night temps and days failing to get out of the single digits. I’m beginning to think that Phil may have called it wrong this time. Although Phils forecast seems off a bit here’s a site that puts Woodchuck to good use. Checkout this link for some useful woodchuck info and fly patterns that are worth tying. The link came to me via a comment made on this post.

Sunday…February 7, 2016—>It’s sunny and  27° F  at the backyard bird bath this morning. A snow storm Friday left 9″ and more is forecast for tomorrow and intermittently during the week. I’m starting to question the early spring forecasted by my woodchuck friends.  tomorrow migt be a good time to continue to try to clean up my fly tying desk so I can actually begin tying some flies. Right now my desk has mounds of materials covering more material that cover more materials. No wonder I can’t find anything. if I don’t clean it up I’ll continue doing as I always have by digging into, working around and pushing  materials around so I can tie my killers. Once the area is straightened up a bit I  plan to start by tying  up a very simple and effective nymph.  It’s a  version of the Hare’s Ear but one many may not have known about. Check back  during the week as I should  have it posted by then.

Wednesday..February 3, 2016—> It’s cloudy and  an unusually warm 39 ° F  at the backyard bird bath this morning. Warmer than normal for the first week in February but perhaps it’s in line with yesterdays events.  Great news, a unanimous verdict is in. Yesterday on Groundhog Day, neither Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil nor Georgia’s General Beauregard Lee saw their shadow.

what's the weather gonna be??

” I see an Early Spring is in the cards”

They both agreed that an early spring is in the cards. Their forecast told me I should expedite  my preparations for the up coming season. I hope they’re spot on but I’ll predict that spring will arrive on March 21 ready or not!



Monday..February 1, 2016—> The holiday season has come and gone and we’re well into 2016. February is here and many moons have passed since my last post and it’s time to start-up again.

February marks the mid-way point of the winter season It also marks the time when throngs of people gather for a super spectacle that occurs but once a year. This event gets the attention of men, women and children of all ages. They will travel from near and far to cheer for their favorite. From those fortunate enough to attend in person to those who will watch on TV at home, it is not to be missed. That’s right after a year of waiting, Ground Hog Day will soon be here.There’s also another super event happening next Sunday. The winter weather has been mild here in R.I. I recently noticed the tips some Daffodils and Jonquills  peeking from the soil in one of my flower gardens. This doesn’t typically occur until early/mid March and makes me wonder can spring’s arrival be far behind or will winter remain entrenched??

Fortunately tomorrow is Groundhog Day and we’ll get a reliable forecast on the remaining winter weather from two of nature’s best prognosticators; Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil and Georgia’s General Beauregard Lee. Lore has it that if they see their shadow when they emerge from their borrow they’ll scurry back in as there’s six more weeks of winter to come but if they don’t see their shadow they may remain out for a while as an early spring is forecast. These two woodchucks have been forecasting the weather for years with at least 50% accuracy. Gen. Beauregard Lee claims to have an amazing 94 % accuracy record. They’re at least as/more accurate as todays TV and radio meteorologists. I’ve always trusted Ole’ Beauregard Lee’s forecast over that of Punxsutawney Phil for one simple reason; No self-respecting northern Groundhog would be ever be caught out of his borrow in early February as they’re still hibernating.

If I were given a choice to attend in person either Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA or the NFL Super Bowl, I’d have to ask why did they even offer the Super Bowl? Myself, I’d rather see an over-fed Woodchuck with an un-inflated ego then a bunch of over-paid men with over-inflated ones.

Regardless of the Ground Hog Day forecast or the Super Bowl’s outcome, the recent above average weather has infected me with early symptoms of ‘cabin fever.” Thoughts of spring fishing and tying flies are becoming more frequent. These pleasant side effects have freed my spirit even though my body is still in seasonal imprisonment. However, we’ll be fishing before we know so it’s time for me to tie some flies and ready my equipment. Perhaps I’ll even write a bit

***September Playmate of the Month is here**** When this one says no, don’t push the issue.

*** Real time fishing report/video–fishing’s good right now ***

***  Looking for a September 2015 fishing forecast? Check out my Fishing in September 2013 post. Things really don’t change much from year to year . The events I tell about  will occur and  may happen  a little sooner or later than stated, but rest assured they will take place.!

Today..Saturday–.September 12, 2015–>>

September is upon us and Labor Day weekend has come and gone. For many Labor Day marks the end of the summer season for me however it signals the the best fishing is arriving. The time frame from September 15 to October 15th is the best fishing of the year in my opinion. Pleasant days , great weather and plenty of fish make this the most awesome time to fish. During this time the shore fly rodder has a chance to hook bonita, albacore striped bass and bluefish and perhaps Squeteague. Don’t overlook freshwater fishing at this time. Brook and brown trout will be in their spawning modes and warm water types will be fattening up for the colder months. Al’the Guide’ reports that striper action picked up this week . On Thursday he landed thirty nice schoolies in the 22″ -26″ range. No monsters just nice fly rod bass.

Despite the lure of the saltwater fishing  Al and I are heading north up to my Maine RaysFly camp for some fishing and perhaps even work on the camp. We hope to spend a day fishing the Moosehead area. and  plan to fish The East Outlet of the Kennebec River and the Moose River for the very first time. Hopefully the Brookies and Landlocks will reward are effort  We’ll probally spend much time fishing for my favorite , Smallmouth Bass. Hope to post several pictures here while we’re up there.

Here”s what I’ve been up to lately


Today-Sunday..August 23, 2015. I recently returned home from a week upta camp. It was a good trip. Work was accomplished, new fishing spots found/fished and the rain stayed away much of the time. to make up for the lack of rain the weather turned hot. I fished several spots for the very first time and did fairly well. The smaller the body of water, the better I did.  Small 150 acre ponds are far easier to fish for the first time than those of several thousand acres. Most mornings I was on the water by 07;30.  By 08:45 the surface action turned off and I began to sweat as I fished  and paddled my canoe.  Sub-surface fishing was called for  and even that slowed to a crawl  during the next two hours. Calm winds and bright hot sun  with high humidity are less than enjoyable in an open boat or canoe and I was back to my camp before noon.  Two small ponds treated me well. the first gave up a 3,5 smallie that inhaled a Beadhead Black Bunny Leech,  The second gave up a 4.1 lb  bronze back that gently sucked in a small yellow popper cast on a 5 wgt.Yell Blk dotted Bug topYell Blk dotted Bug


****Make  every day Earth Day–Pick up one piece of trash daily ****

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Today-Friday. July 10, 2015—>. I recently returned home after spending the 4th of July “upta camp. ” During the last several trips up North i fished very little and spent most of the time working on various projects. That is about to change as most of the needed work is done and it’s time to fish and fish hard. On Sunday my good friend Dave Aguiar of Westport MA and i are heading to my camp for a week of fishing. For many years now Dave and I have gone on week long fishing trips to various locals primarily pursuing smallmouth bass. While on these trips we’ve camped at remote sites, in campgrounds and stayed in rental cabins and motels but this will be different . This time we’ll be at my camp, at home so to speak. Logistics are easy this trip as everything we need is there. Having a boat and trailer along with a canoe ready to go upta camp will make for easy travel.. All of our annual trips have always had two things in common: we ‘ve always caught many smallies and we eat very well. Despite fishing for 10 hours a day I’ve never lost an ounce of weight on our trips. This trip should be no different.and I can hardly wait.

While I was away over the July 4th holiday “Al the Guide” said the Narragansett, RI shoreline lit up. No keepers just many schoolies. Seems every time I go on a trip stripers come out of hiding with fishing exploding and it rains where I going. Al likes to see me go on trips and the people of Maine wish I stayed home..oh well.

Thursday.. July 2, 2015—>.  I recently returned home after a week “upta camp” in Maine. I’ve been to Maine twice since  I spent the first week in June fishing the Farmington river in CT.  After spending four days at home I’m heading “upta camp” once again for a few days. Reports tell of decent striper fishing. A good place to try in early July is the Narragansett  R.I. Town Beach at first light. Fishing only last until an hour after sunrise and  a little longer on cloudy days. Primary forage is small  2″ long  Sand eels.  A small sparse Ray’s Fly  does well. The same fly also works later in the year on False Albacore chasing  Bay Anchovies.