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Today-Tuesday..July 31, 2012–> I attended the Barrington RI Town Council meeting to hear about a proposal to ban point of sale plastic shopping bags. The initiative was introduced by the town’s Conservation Committee and the council heard from both sides. Time was running short so not everyone was heard as they decided by a 3 to 2 vote to have the Town solicitor draft and ordinance on a plastic bag ban. They also proposed a workshop on the subject be held and also try to gather more information before deciding on what course to take. It was one small step but a step nonetheless. I thought if I left for the town hall meeting early enough I could stop by an old bass bugging spot, Brickyard Pond in Barrington. It’s about 0.5 miles from the town hall  and a great bass fishing place. I hadn’t been therein a good many years but had no trouble finding it. Several points i once fished from shore were now terribly overgrown and inaccessible. However two small island where ii once fished around from a raft looked the same. In the lee of one of the island I saw two breaks and the were right where i remembered doing well.  Some things never change.

Yesterday-Monday..July 30, 2012–>> Today is forecast to be partly cloudy and temps near 80 deg. A good day to be outdoors. I was planning on doing some warmwater bassbugging this eve but may have to alter my plans. I just found out that there’s a meeting  7:00 p.m  tonight at the Barrington , RI town hall  where the town council will listen to both sides of a proposal to ban plastic shopping bags. My attendance at this meeting is more important to me than a few hours of fishing, so the bass will have to wait. This ban on plastic bags has the full endorsement of  the group Environment Rhode Island and other concerned individuals  Feel strongly about this issue of banning plastic bags? Then sign the Environment Rhode Island’s online petition, just click here.  While waiting for a  plastic bag ban  to  someday become law state-wide , consider using recyclable shopping bags each time you shop and say ,NO to plastic. At  the very least, opt for paper over plastic when given the choice. Each one of us, little by little, can and will make a difference.

Saturday..July 28, 2012 &  Yesterday- Sunday..July 29, 2012–>Yesterday was mostly overcast with occasional breaks of sun and the winds light. This convinced me to try some mid-afternoon  warmwater bass bugging for an hour or so at a nearby pond with my wife  Joyce  I taught my wife to fly cast and tie flies before we were married forty four years ago and although she hadn’t fished for several years  she quickly returned to form. I mainly paddled and positioned the canoe while she fished. Using a small Chartreuse foam bug/spider Joyce managed a half-dozen smallies and four big bluegill in 1.5 hrs. Two of the smallies were decent and one of them jumped six times. All the leaps were good ones, no half hearted leaps as the fish tired. Seldom do I get  smallies that jump more than three times never mind six. I tried to snap a pic of her with one but the camera said: ” Ray you dummy,  you left the memory card in the computer at home so no pictures for you.”  Despite no pictures it was a great afternoon however now I would have to listen to how she outfished  me once again  all the way home and again this morning. However, I ‘ll gladly listen any time as I know it could be something much worse.
Here’s pic of yesterdays “Bug of the Day.’

Chartreuse Foam Bug/Spider

Yesterday-Friday..July 27, 2012–> Fished along about  a mile of rocky Narragansett RI shoreline yesterday. it was overcast with a southerly wind that caused the approaching swell to arrive at a less than desirable angle resulting in minimal white water.  Despite the light surf there’s never a time to let your guard down. I watched a small rocky point that I wanted to fish for nearly 10 minutes before deciding it was safe enough to go out on. After a dozen casts  I  could see a large swell approaching. It was twice the height of anything I had seen earlier. I knew I was going to get wet so I braced for the wash that was sure to come. I planted my feet and turned my body sideways to the surf to minimize the surface area. It  came and broke in front of me and i did get wet but I survived. However that one large(rogue) breaker was the first of four consecutive ones.  It’s good that I got wet as that’s the only thing I got all morning.  Al “The Guide” fished over in Jamestown around the same time with the same results.  Fishing has been spotty for the past few days along the rocks. Think I’ll try some  warmwater black bass and panfish  stuff later today.  Seems they’re always obliging

I’ve listed a bunch of stuff For Sale at the bottom of the Uncategorized page.–Check it out.

Wednesday..July 25, 2012-> Haven’t been out for a few days and hope to get out warmwater tomorrow eve or saltwater for sure on Thursday with/without “Al the Guide”who has been picking up 3 or 4 bass from the Narragansett rocks for the past several days.  Anyway I’ve listed a bunch of stuff For Sale at the bottom of the  Uncategorized page.–Check it out.

Saturday..July 21, 2012–> It rained till late afternoon yesterday so I held tight and went warmwater bass bugging in the evening. Got a bunch of small large and smallmouth bass on the popper pictured in Thursday’s post. Highlight of the evening was getting a yellow perch on that popper. It doesn’t happen often but they will sometimes hit surface flies. 

Seems I have too much stuff,  i.e. rods, reels, lines,  canoes, kayaks  that I seldom use or haven’t used much in a while and should try to  lighten the load a bit. I plan on posting a For Sale list on the Uncategorized  page  in the next few days.  So check it often. I’ll probably put a few items up at first and add to the list. Some of the items are  two Fin-Nor Fly reels (one Anti Rev), Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Hybrid canoe/kayak, Mad River 14′ Tahoe royalex canoe,  several fly rods, Pfluegar Medalist Rim Control spools 15xx series, Garmin eTrex Handheld GPS. I’ll note when the list is up  on my daily? post on the Timelines page.

Friday..July 20, 2012–> Calm wind, overcast and a few showers this morn. Looks like a great day for fishing. Only thing that could make it better would be to toss in some fog to the mix. Tough decision today, do I go striper fishing along the rocks mid morning  or warmwater bass bugging later in the day?? 

Thursday..July 19, 2012–>  Decided to try some warmwater fishing  for an hour or so last evening.  Got  a bunch of  large and smallmouth bass in 1.5 hrs. Took a few early subsurface but quickly switched to the more visual and exciting topwater fishing. I decided to try something other than my usual  indestructible foam spider/bug and  picked an unused one that’s been  hanging around in my fly box for a  dozen years. For some reason it appealed to me. It was a wise choice. The bass were all over it,  so much so the number of hits surprised me. Then again why should I have been surprised-after all it’s yellow.  The best fish  on my 5 wgt rod was a nice 18 in. smallie.   I had more of a tussle landing that smallie on my 5 wgt than I did a 24″ striper on my 9 wgt the day before, plus he jumped several times. The bad thing is I’ve been trying to minimize the stuff I carry. So now I must tie up a handful of foam spider type bugs using  the same coloration and I’ll  be toting even more bugs. I always say: “If one is good, carry at least six of them . Here’s few pics of that bass bug.  I believe it was a Betts Co. popper.


Wednesday..July 18, 2012–> Tried a different location to see if we could do better than the day before . ” Al the Guide” and I fished/walked about 1.75 miles of rocky shoreline. The terrain is demanding but normally the area is all yours as most are unwilling  to try such physically tough  fishing, especially when it’s 90 deg out.  We managed several schoolies and dropped about six.  Flies?? Al used his “Guide Fly” and I fished a Yellow Rebel.  Out of nearly two miles of shoreline we found the fish in a 50 ft. wide piece.  “The Guide”  lost one real good one and swore to return tomorrow. I won’t be joining him but I’ll certainly get a report, especially if he does well   Here’s Al  fishing the” Lil High Spot.”


Tuesday..July 17, 2012–> Going to be a hot one. I hope to be fishing the rocks by 0630a.m. and get a few stripers before the sun’s up and it starts to cook. Planning on having some shoreside hash and  eggs after fishing a few hours.  That’s it–Fish a few hours, cook breakfast, fish a little more, go home and take a nap.  I did go and here’s what took place.

Shoreside hash and eggs were great. Actually it was the highlight of the morning. Fish for two hours. ate and fish for another hour. Not even a bump. Imagine all this white water and not even a hit.

Monday..July 16, 2012 –>It was a somewhat hot and sunny weekend. It’s forecast to be hot with temps in the low 90s  till mid-week. “Al the Guide” says there’s been some small (18″) bass at the wash of the Coast Guard restaurant late last week while the tide was up. They’re in and out The surf has been light but that’s forecasted to change. If you fish Rhode island’s   rocky shores and open ocean beaches,  it always good to know how the surf”s running. It can help to determine where to go or whether to go at all. The Warm Winds Surf Shop website is a good place to find that info. Beside their realtime webcam of Narragansett R.I. Town Beach surf,  they also have hi/lo tides times along with  current and forecasted surf conditions. Anything from 2.0 ft up at the Town Beach should make for good surf/whitewater all along the open water coast. Surf should be up a bit during the upcoming week, so I’m looking forward to hitting the rocks a few times.

 Speaking of websites, ever visit a website and read an article that you could really relate to?  Just  recently I read an  article at my friend Alec Stansell of Wellfleet, MA website Favorite flies.com  about a special type of fishing spot. I had fished several places similar to the one he depicted. His story sure brought back some memories and I began planning some return trips. Check out that article and others at Favorite Flies.com.

*** Hope to post a new Freshwater”Fly of the Month” in the next few days.***